Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fun Day!

What a fun day we had! We went to the Washington Community Center with O's Grandma Jan, Aunt Shay, and Uncle Andrew. O was super excited to go swimming. She did awesome too. I was in shock. She wanted to go down the slides by herself and even go under the water. She would plug her nose and go for it. I am so glad she is getting fearless. Thanks for the fun day!

Had to take a break and get a snack!

Having so much fun!

She did great jumping off the side into Grandma's arms!

Just chillin'

We went to dinner with my Parents and Grandma to Samauri 21. It was Jordan's first time, he quite enjoyed it. Said it was pretty cool and entertaining.
The cook made a Volcano out of an onion and lit it on fire!

Me and My Handsome Hubby at dinner, it was fun!

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Jan Cooper said...

Swimming was a blast! We are going to have to go check out that spot for some yummy food!
Love you all tons!!!