Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Today was the day we finally decided to get out the 6 foot Castle, ya that's right I said 6 foot Castle. Olivia's Aunt Shay got this for her for Christmas. She absolutely LOVES it. She kept saying how beautiful it was and how she is a Princess and couldn't wait to get into her Castle. So here are some pictures....

Daddy putting O's castle together!

Hard at work!

 Told ya, she is having a blast!
She loves it!


Its huge huh?! I can't believe this actually fit in our house. The question now is where in the heck is it going to go?!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wow, its been awhile. Lots been going on. This past week we were up in Huntington for my Grandpas funeral. Not too fun. Good to go up and see the family but didn't want a funeral to be the reason. 
Ive tried taking pictures of what we've been up to and sometimes I forget. So I will try my best to take more and keep you all updated on what we are up to. 

 Jan and Stan, a.k.a my in-laws, got me these BEAUTIFUL flowers letting me know they love me and were thinking of me because of my Grandpas passing. SOO sweet of them. Thanks!! 

Pretty sweet, the colors are amazing!

 Got a picture with O by my brothers headstone! 

O with her cousins: Audrey, Mason, Connor, Lexi, and Erin

Monday, January 7, 2013

 Jordan and Olivia, what cuties!!

 Olivia found a new place, okay a new way to sit on the chair! 

 O always has fun with her Aunt and cousins!

She is getting so big!

 Our Family!!

What a cutie! She wanted to wear her Dads hat and have me take a picture. 
Wants to go hunting with Daddy!

 Showing off her sweet new jammies!