Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We had a blast this past weekend. We were able to go up to Zion's for Jordan's Family Reunion. Jordan's Aunt and Uncle rented a cabin that was amazing. There was lots to do and lots of people to visit with. We did spend most of the time swimming (as you see by all the pool pics. sorry) The weather was great and we had loads of fun. Thanks for having us and for the great time. 

 Jordan, Me, Olivia, Jan, Stan, Shay, and Andrew

 She did such a great job swimming on her own!

 Daddy throwing her up in the air, she thought it was so much fun!

Daddy and O having fun in the pool!

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Jan Cooper said...

We had a blast! O is a fish, so glad she is so independent and loves it.

Love you all tons!!!