Saturday, July 28, 2012

This girl is so funny, always entertaining! She thought it would be funny to put on my heels and walk around. Said she was "Mommy".

 Caught by the camera! Too cute!

 Told her and Daddy to pull a silly face! She kept wanting to look at the picture because she thought it was so funny. 

 Always so happy, we love it!

Me and my girl, just love her so much!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fun day with Mom and Aunt Shay!

Shay texted me this morning and asked if we should take O swimming. I just had to giggle. Why?! Well if you've been reading my blog you have seen that O doesn't, how can I say this, really like to get into the water. Not too sure why. Anyway, I texted back and said ya, if she'll get in, lol. Shay's comment: well, we'll just have to throw her in. 
Started off the afternoon with lunch at our favorite place ever, Cafe Rio. Then we hit up the swimming pool at the Rec. Center. Let me tell ya how in shock I was that O actually swam, for 2 hours. Made me so happy. The little one didn't want to leave. Thanks Shay we had fun!

 Havin' fun in the sun!

Aunt Shay & O! She had fun!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Olivia singing her ABC's!  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Girls Camp!

I had the opportunity to go to Girls Camp this past week. I had a fun time. Getting to know the Young Women and the Leaders better was really cool, and seeing them in a setting outside of church was fun too. I will tell ya a little about what we did......

 One of the things I was in charge of was the girls "tuck in treats." They got one of these every night before they went to bed. The picture with the Savior says: "Live your life, so that those who know you, but don't know HIM will want to know him because they know you." The glow stick says: "If you want to give light to others, you have to GLOW yourself". The candy: "We BEE-LIEVE you are sweeter than honey." Sweet Dreams!

 The "bunks" where the girls slept! What do you think? Comfy???

 Making our shields for one of the Stake activities!

 Our shields, they all turned out pretty cool!

 Playing some games! 
You had to all put your head down, and on the count of 3 look up and stare at somebody and if they were staring back you had to scream. Then you were out of the game. It was super fun, and quite funny. 

The girls loved playing on the logs, we just crossed our fingers that they wouldn't fall of and break something. Sure had a lot of close calls. 

 Making charm bracelets!

 Was excited to get to make one of these charm bracelets with the girls, they turned out cute. Each charm represents something. 

The Barbie is super creepy I know. Didn't want to scare you and get a close up of her face. Just trust me it's scary. Each ward got an award, and of course our award was Being Fashionably Late! Ya that's right, we were late to every event, oops! We were even late showing up to camp. Hey, at least we showed up!!
 Clarissa, Kori, me, and Megan

Doesn't the weather look wonderful?! I will answer that, NO!!! It rained on us everyday. I couldn't believe that is rained on us, we even got hail. It was crazy because the day we got up there was super warm and not a cloud in the sky. The next thing we know it's raining. It did cool things down though. It just put a damper on some of the activities. 

Even though it was cold and windy, we all had a great time. I was happy I got to go.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

O was SUPER excited for her new toy, can you tell? We went to the store and of course she wants everything she sees. We walk around and she grabs what she wants. We hit the isle that had these squirt gun things, I guess you could call it that. I'm not sure. Anyway, she saw this and dropped everything. She chose this over candy, I was in shock. She couldn't wait to get home so she could play in the water with it.

 I showed her how to fill it up,

 and she thought it would be fun to spray down the garage.

Hey, better that than me. That's what she really wanted to do. 
She had a blast!

So, we decided we wanted to start growing our own foods. It's pretty hard where we live because we don't have much area to do it, as you can kind of see. We just have rocks in our backyard and a little bit of dirt. We decided to put them in buckets. Hey, it's working out quite well. It's pretty exciting!

 Our "sweet" tomato plant!

Our pepper plant! 

We hope to do some more things, but for now this works. It's too dang hot to do anything else. Don't think they would survive.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th Of July!!

 Was a pretty fun day. We started off with the parade in St. George at 8 a.m., that's right 8. Having it be at 8 wasn't bad but having to get up and get ready was the hard thing. Understandable to do it early so we all don't die of heat. Was pretty warm that day. I just had to buy Olivia a cute 4th of July outfit, she loved it.

 Olivia waiting for the parade to start!

 They had camels in the parade, that's right I said camels. Tuacahn is doing the play Aladdin and they brought the camels to show. Olivia thought they were pretty cool. 

 Olivia running back from getting candy to show Daddy! Of course I had to help most of the time, she just wanted to eat it when she got it. Told her to put it in her bag and she could have it later. 

They had some fun activities for the kids. Olivia wanted to ride the train with Daddy. I was totally okay with that. I told her I would take pictures of them on it.
She had so much fun riding the train!

  This was pretty cool. Olivia could've watched this all day. They filled up these pools, got inflatable balls and you could get inside of them and try and move around in the water. Was funny watching people try and move around in them.

 We ended off the night with fireworks. Olivia LOVES fireworks. We went early of course to find a place to sit and every 5 seconds she kept asking when the fireworks were going to start, she just couldn't wait.When they finally started she just started screaming. Glad she had such a fun day.
In shock?! Yes! O actually got in her pool and played for awhile. She even asked if she could fill up the pool. She filled it up got in her swimsuit and got in. I was pretty happy. Of course she had to play around with the hose and try and spray everything. I figured she would this time because it was so dang hot. Grabbed her toys and got in. She had fun. 

 Filling up the pool

 YAHOO, she got in!