Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Well, this little one had to go to the Dentist and get a tooth pulled. Not so bad but it was her front tooth, but she still looks adorable. 


After they pulled her tooth.....

We told her that if she leaves her tooth out the tooth fairy will come and leave her some money. She was so excited, she even told us she would stay up all night just to see her. We had to tell her she only comes when you're asleep.

 Left her tooth on a pillow for the tooth fairy...

What a nice tooth fairy don't ya think?! She left her 5 bucks!!!
She was so excited, but keep asking when her tooth is going to come back!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

 Went and ate at a place called The Habit!

Loves having sleepovers with Mommy!
Yes she has to bring everything from her room! lol
Jordan and Olivia had such a blast at Chili's. It was Daddy Daughter night. They went and got some yummy food. She got home and told me all about it and how much fun she had with Daddy. She keeps asking when they can go again.

Friday, January 10, 2014

On the 7th of January Jordan and I celebrated our 9 Year Anniversary!
WOW.....9 years, hard to believe!
This year I decided to take charge. lol
I am pretty bad with bugging him to plan something fun and remind him days before that it is our anniversary and he better plan something.
So, I surprised him. Called his Mom to have her babysit the little munchkin for us while we went away. Never done it before, I called and got us a Bed and Breakfast up in Springdale. All I told Jordan was what to pack. Let's just say we HAD A BLAST!!!!!!
Love you so much Jordan! 

Roses he got for me, even got my favorite color!!

Canyon Vista Lodge Bed & Breakfast!

Our room!

 Are we cute or what?! lol
Had to get a pictures of us when we got there...

I was so glad we got to do this, we haven't gotten away in who knows how long. I was happy to see him so happy. He just kept telling me he was glad I did it. We had a great Anniversary and am looking forward to many many more.

Just some random pictures....

Miss O spent the day with her Aunt Shay and they had a blast.
Colored, played hide and seek, and drew out on the sidewalk with chalk.
She cool or what?!

Went to this candy store here in town and saw this gigantic sucker. 
She of course wanted it, its bigger than her head. I had to say "no", why 
you ask?! Because it cost $30. Holy Cow.....

Saw this box of Mike and Ikes at Kohl's. Yes she wanted to buy it too. 
I don't want more cavities..... lol

 What is in the box??? Can you guess?

 You guess Olivia? Good job!
Yes, its Miss O, can you believe she fit in this box?
What a goof ball!

 Havin' fun swimming in Grandmas pool!

She has a blast!!