Friday, July 19, 2013

Just a random picture post today. I tell ya, she is very entertaining! Always doing something crazy, I LOVE IT!!!

 Daughter like Mother?! For most of you that know me, you would understand. HAHA! When I was her age I use to do the same thing. Put stuff up my nose, but that didn't turn out well one time. I decided to stick a necklace bead up my nose and it got stuck! Ya I totally had to go to the doctors and get it out. So, after that I decided not to stick thing in my nose. Let's hope she doesn't do it anymore! Probably not huh?

 We had a pretty nice rain storm here for a few days. O decided it would be fun to go play. Ya, she got pretty soaked, but had a blast!

 Loves being a Princess!

O has been seeing the previews for Despicable Me 2, and has been saying she wants to see it. I'm thinking..... ya right?! Because the way my child is and her attention span. She would never last through a movie. Boy was I wrong, and I'm glad I was. I will admit to that! She did great, she watched the whole movie and she loved it. Way to go girl!!! 

 Just waitin' for the movie to start!

 She was SO excited to get her own little kids box. She got Popcorn, candy, and a drink. What a cutie!

We went to the movie with O's Uncle Andrew and Aunt Shay! It was super fun. Thanks for going with us.


Scottie and Tasha said...

Oh my goodness I'm laughing out loud for this post. We have way to much in common- I've too had a bead stuck up my nose ha ha I was trying to see what I would look like with a nose ring- proud moment right?! Olivia is absolutely adorable!!

Jan Cooper said...

Sorry I missed it!

Like mother like daughter....good stuff.

I love you all tons!!!