Saturday, September 29, 2012

Well, we decided we would go check out Swiss Days today. And as long as I've lived here, never been. We went to the parade with our friends, a.k.a. Olivia's BF Addy. I have to say, it was a pretty dang good parade. Unlike most parades, it lasted more than 10 minutes too. O got so much candy. Especially after I kept telling her to run and get it and not just eat it when she picks it up. She will catch on!!! 
They had booths with all sorts of fun stuff to look at and activities for the kids. We stayed and checked things out until it starting getting hot. We had a fun day!!

 Waiting for the parade to start!

 She just LOVED the Aladdin float!!

 Addy and  Olivia!
What cuties!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

 I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is so much fun. 
Think she is ready for Halloween?! Went and got her costume from Costco and as soon as we got home she had to put it on. She is so excited to be Minnie Mouse this year. And I think after Disneyland she will be even more excited. She is going to meet Mickey and Minnie this year, she keeps telling me she is going to give them hugs. I hope so. 

 She says she is a "Minnie Princess" 

 She stared at herself in the mirror for like 10 minutes! 

 She has quite the imagination!
Got her diaper box, set it up on the couch, got a few things to go in it with her, and called a friend on the phone to tell her what she was doing.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Things are just so busy around here, but it's nice. So then I feel like I don't get a chance to update my blog or put much pictures on. We go places and do things and I tend to forget to whip out the camera. Sorry, I will try to keep it updated. Just a few pictures of O

 Olivia's friend had a birthday party at Menchie's, and ice cream shop, and they got to decorate their own hats and shirts. She had so much fun!!

Went to Wal-mart and the first thing that caught her eye was this bike. She LOVES it. Told her she is going to have to ask Santa for it. 

She's ready to hit the town! 
She loves to dress up and tell us that she is going shopping!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Football season is here! 
Jordan couldn't be more happier. He decided he needed to get a Cowboys jersey so he could wear it when the Cowboys play. One of the ladies that I do her hair bought O a jersey. It's finally fitting her. haha! She just loves it. These 2 decided to put them on and hoped that the Cowboys would win their game, and sure enough they did. So from now on, O and Jordan are going to wear their jerseys when they play! I have to say, they both look super cute! 


Sunday, September 2, 2012

So, do you give your child ice cream in a car??  
We were out running errands all day, and O was a trooper. After a long day she asked me if she could have some ice cream. I figured it would be fine since we were done and just heading home. Give her the cone and she is doing great for awhile, until I hear Mommy help!!! The ice cream was melting and dripping down the cone. Told her to just keep licking, ya that wasn't working. I had to take over and get it to where it was manageable for her. We were good then right?! Um no, she then decided to stick her finger through the cone. Once again, ice cream everywhere!!! Lesson learned that's for sure. So just be very careful when giving a toddler ice cream in the car. Or I guess just don't do it at all. But this picture isn't the worst of it.

Oh well, she enjoyed it!!!

 Olivia's Great Grandma & Grandpa Garner got her this chair, she absolutely loves it, as you can tell. They figured she could have her own chair now and not steal her Daddy's. She asks to sit in it which is quite funny. Told her she could sit in it anytime she wanted because it is hers. She even likes to sit in it and rock her baby. Too cute!! Thank you so much for the chair! 

Our little girl is growing up so fast! We just love her so much.