Thursday, December 27, 2012

Milk & Cookies.....

Christmas was so fun this year. Why? Because of our little munchkin. She has a blast. Her getting so excited was so happy to see. We got to spend it with both of our families and that was great. Thanks to the family for the awesome time together and the cool gifts. We love you all so much!

 O wanted to leave Santa some milk and cookies. She was so excited to see that he ate the cookies and drank the milk. He was even sweet enough to leave her a thank you note. 
 Opening presents with Mom!

 Got a bunch of new jammies!

 Was excited to get a Minnie Mouse Cash Register and Shopping Cart from the neighbors, her friends from next door. 
 Helping Dad open his presents!

 Dallas Cowboys jammies from Grandpa Mike and Grandma Lynda!
 This had to be the best ever! That look on her face is priceless. She was super excited to get a bike. That is what she asked Santa for. I love it!!!

 This little one made quite the load! This was just the presents she opened at our house. She has more comin......
 Grandpa Glenn reading O a book that she got from him and Grandma Sheila! The book is pretty  cool, the rabbit O is holding talks along with the book. 
 Helping Grandma Sheila open her presents!

 O got a super cute Rapunzel doll from her Aunt Monica, Uncle Jake, and cousins: Audrey, Connor, Erin, and Lexi!
 Grandma Jan reading O a Christmas story!

 "I'm sorry Nikki, but I have to get this 6 foot Castle for Olivia, she'll love it". Those are the words that my sister-in-law so kindly said to me while shopping on Black Friday. haha! This is what O's Aunt Shay got for her. Oh boy its going to be fun!!

 Cotton Candy in a huge tub, who would have thought?! Thanks Grandma Jan and Grandpa Stan, sugar high and cavities. lol  She LOVES cotton candy!

 Helping Grandpa Stan open his presents!

 She definitely is a girly girl. She loves makeup and dressing up. Thank you Uncle Andrew!

 One of her many outfits that she got for Christmas. Thought she just looked so cute!
Jordan's work had their Christmas party and we went to have dinner, play games, and let O sit on Santa's lap. If you've seen the pictures the past 3 years, its been interesting. Funny how ever year its been so different. Proud to say this year has been the best. She actually wanted to sit on his lap, without crying or screaming, and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. So here is the pic...

What a cutie!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Wow, O's Daddy is getting old! Haha! Do I dare tell you his age?! Jordan turned 31 today. He had to work but when he got off we went to his Mom's house and had dinner. His favorite, his mom's lasagna. It was a fun time. He got some pretty good gifts from the family (thanks), but I think me and O got him the best. lol  We got him this...........

A Dallas Cowboys pillow and money clip!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Life is just so crazy! I hate that I haven't posted much in awhile. So sorry! Holiday's are nuts, busy busy! Its been fun getting ready for Christmas. O is so excited. She has been such a big help too. She helped me put the decorations on the tree, and the decorations on the outside of the house. She has even helped me wrap presents and put them under the tree. Just feel bad now because she wants to open them. If you ask her what presents are hers she will let you know. She even told me she was "peeking" at one present. That little stinker!! 

So here are some random pictures Ive taken.

Look at the pretty tree she decorated!
Is that snow you ask?! Why yes it is, we woke up to some snow. 
O was pretty excited to go out and see it. 

 We got kicked out of our bed by a 3 year old and her friends!
O decided she wanted to have a sleepover,
she makes me laugh!

Excited to get her own potty, and to make it better it was Elmo!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decided to go look at Costco, our second favorite place to go. Haha! Not only does O like to go look at all the toys they have but she loves the hotdogs. What?! I know right. Okay I admit I have something to do with that. I've got her hooked on Costco hotdogs. 


 Perfect little horse for O!

She was excited to sit on this chair because it was "her" size!
We had our family night and went to the Temple to see them light up the lights around the Temple and the grounds. It was really neat. O had a blast. She just kept running around to all the lights and telling us how pretty they were and all the different colors. So glad we got to do it.

 Had to seriously walk and look at every light!

When we were up in Cedar we went and looked at some houses with lights as well and O just loved it.