Monday, November 11, 2013

O had such a fun time at her Birthday party!

 I still can't believe she is 4!

 Andrew, Audrey, Lexi, Olivia, and Erin,
waitin' for the party to start!!

Had to get some pictures of her and the cake before we cut it!

Blowing out her candle, with the help of 
Grandma Jan!
Opening her presents....

Think she loves Hello Kitty?! 

Sweet helmet to wear with her new Scooter!

Thank you to all who came to share this special day with Miss O!
We appreciate all of you and love you all so much!
I know Olivia was glad to have you all there.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The day my sweet little girl turned 4!!!

This year for Olivia's birthday she wanted the theme to be Hello Kitty. Oh boy....... so I said okay lets do it. So, being the "cool" Mom that I am, I decided to make her a Hello Kitty cake. Yes I was super nervous. I've never done a character cake before.

This is how it turned out! Pretty good? I was proud of myself, I honestly didn't know how it was going to turn out.

O was super excited when I showed her the cake!
Said "Wow Mom that's cool"

 In Primary on your birthday they sing to you and you get to put your head in a cup cake, she was so excited and thought it was super cool.

Happy Halloween!

Went to Grandma Jan's for Pumpkin carving.....
as you can see O was super excited. 

Me carving our pumpkin...
 Olivia wouldn't put her hand in the pumpkin, it was "too yucky"
so she just posed for the camera.

The final result... What do you think?! 
I myself, think I did a pretty good job. lol  It was a lot of fun.

All ready to go Trick or Treating!

Isn't she the cutest Bumble Bee?!

O had so much fun trick or treating!
She was so proud that she painted her nails all by herself!

Princess O!

O was so excited to get this Glitter set from 
Grandpa Mike and Grandma Lynda, 
that's all she wanted to do all day. She had so much fun making stuff. 

Doing such a great job!

O and Grandpa Mike!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

            Happy Birthday Olivia!
           Can you believe it.... My little munchkin is 4! 
She is growing up fast! 

She is such a fun, loving, outgoing girl. 
Thanks Olivia for being you, 
we just love you so much!