Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy and Sad!!! This little munchkin of mine is growing up so fast! She started Preschool. I am happy to see her growing and having so much fun, but sad because its going by so dang fast. I'm happy because she's happy. She comes home and tells me all about her day, I love it! She's adorable!!!

 1st day of School

 Fun swim day with Daddy!

 Pizza at the park with Cousins, we love it!!!

Lunch at Wingers!
Favorite part was the popcorn!!!

4th of July

We had such a blast on the 4th. We decided to go up to Huntington and spend it with the family! And I tell ya, Huntington doesn't disappoint! Love to go up and visit!O got tons of candy and just had so much fun with her cousins!

 Me and my girl at the Parade!

 All the cousins waiting for the Parade to start!

All the cousins: O, Audrey, Sydnee, Connor, Erin, Mason, and Lexi