Tuesday, November 6, 2012

They just grow up too dang fast!! Today we turned O's crib into a bed. And yes I cried. I know, pretty lame huh?! It's sad to see my little girl grow up but it's great as well. She was SO excited to get a "big girl" bed. She just wanted to jump and play on it. I took a few pics of her with her bed so you could see her facial expressions and how she reacted when we changed it. 

 Playing on her mattress while we were doing her bed!

 "Testing" it out!!

 Was so excited she started jumping up and down!

This girl amazes me sometimes. I just never know what she'll do. As you've heard or seen in past posts Olivia doesn't quite like to get in the water. Okay, swimming pools. This girl could be in the bath for hours but when it comes to pools, I just don't know?!!! This day was a SHOCKER!!! We went up to my sisters and went swimming at their Aquatic Center and this little one swam for 3 hours, yes I said 3 hours. She just had a blast. Made me happy!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Wow, I can't believe that my little girl is 3 years old, ya that's right I said 3 years old. Makes me sad but it so exciting to see her grow up. It's just happening so fast. She is such an amazing little girl. I love the age that she is. She just has so much fun and is VERY entertaining. Couldn't have ask for a better little girl. We are very blessed. Thanks Olivia for being the sweet little girl that you are. We love you so much. 

We had a party for her yesterday at the park. It was such a beautiful day. We thought it would be fun there so the kids could play. Was  fun to see her open up all her presents. She didn't quite know what to with all the presents. She got quit the load too. (show ya a pic below) You would think it was Christmas. haha! Just want to thank all those who came and traveled a distance to come, it really meant a lot. We really appreciate it. We love you all.

 She just had to show how old she was and wanted to put it on her cake herself!

 She did a good job blowing out the candle on her cake!

 She was SUPER stoked on this gift. We got her a Barbie makeup purse. She carried it around with her for hours!

Told ya!! Looks more like Christmas huh?! I just can't believe how much she got. She just loves it all!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!


We were pretty excited for O to go trick-or-treating, but probably not as excited as she was. She was so happy to be Minnie Mouse this year. She kept saying she was a "princess" Minnie. Here are a few pics of her trick-or-treating. 

 What a cute Minnie Mouse!

 Each house she had somebody go up with her, and this one was Daddy's! 

 Having so much fun!