Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy and Sad!!! This little munchkin of mine is growing up so fast! She started Preschool. I am happy to see her growing and having so much fun, but sad because its going by so dang fast. I'm happy because she's happy. She comes home and tells me all about her day, I love it! She's adorable!!!

 1st day of School

 Fun swim day with Daddy!

 Pizza at the park with Cousins, we love it!!!

Lunch at Wingers!
Favorite part was the popcorn!!!

4th of July

We had such a blast on the 4th. We decided to go up to Huntington and spend it with the family! And I tell ya, Huntington doesn't disappoint! Love to go up and visit!O got tons of candy and just had so much fun with her cousins!

 Me and my girl at the Parade!

 All the cousins waiting for the Parade to start!

All the cousins: O, Audrey, Sydnee, Connor, Erin, Mason, and Lexi

Monday, August 4, 2014

We sure had a blast at Country Explosion!!  It was a 4 day concert event in Tooele. 

 Heck ya I was already to meet Brantley Gilbert....

 Was so fun being with this handsome hubby of mine at the concert. 
Was just so awesome how close we were!

 Brantley Gilbert

He was such a good entertainer! So glad we were able to go. 
Sorry its been AWHILE..... So here are just some random pictures of what we've been up to

 O with all her cousins at Grandma and Grandpas

 Was in northern Utah for the weekend, and on our way home we just had to stop and get a Slurpee! I miss them so much!!!

 Hogle Zoo

 Had a blast at Lagoon, it been a long time since I've been. O had a blast, it was her first time.

 Went to Farmington Station Park and saw the fountain, it was pretty cool!

    Oh boy... she was in heaven!! The World's Largest Gummy Bear!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Olivia got invited to a birthday party for her friend Emma. She was SO excited, she was talking about it for days. Kept asking when her party was because she wanted to go and have fun and play with all the kids. She had her party at Jumpin Jacks... it was pretty cool. I've lived in St. George forever and I have never been there. You should definitely take your little ones there.  

 Olivia and Emma

 Climbing up the wall....
So she could slide down

went flying down the slide!

She had fun going down the slide, she kept going and going! Said it was super fast but she loved it!

Sittin in the mouth of the Tiger!

Monday, May 5, 2014

 Lexi and O always have so much fun together...

 Giving Daddy a High-Five before his game and wishing him good luck!

We always have fun together, she is my best buddy! 

So this little Munchkin of mine is always up to know good, as you can see. She is always thinking of something crazy and wacky to do. This time she really got a good idea...

Dragged the chair from the kitchen into the front room and set it up.... Grabbed pillows so she could climb up because she couldn't reach yet...

Stacked up the pillows and crawled on up.....

She made it!!! What a crazy girl huh?! I just laughed and took pictures of course. Hey she is entertaining herself and its totally fine with me.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We went to the park in Washington for the Easter Egg Hunt. O had so much fun. She always gets a little nervous when its time to go..... She says there are too many kids and she will get ran over. She doesn't like doing it by herself, but this year she was a champ and did it!! I was so proud!

 She's ready to go.....

The bell went off and off she went...
they had tons of candy and eggs that had prizes in them.

 Okay, so is this little boy taking candy out or putting it in?!!!
 While O wasn't looking he decided to take some candy out of her Easter basket, can you believe it?!!

 Me and O waiting for the Egg Hunt to start, it was such a beautiful day!

The Easter Bunny came and visited Olivia and she was SOO excited, can you tell?!!
She grabbed her Easter Basket and set off through the house looking for prizes and eggs. We asked her if she had fun and was happy with what she got and she said "heck ya". Was cute!

How cute!

Having fun at the park with her cousins!

Swimming in the pool with her friend Aaliah

Her and Daddy always have so much fun together...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Always has fun at the Park!

Went to Vernal for our yearly Volleyball tournament, it was so much fun. 
 Monica, Me, Renel, Nat,
Amy, and Krissy

It's Bubble Time, 
she just loves going outside and blowing bubbles.
It's nice for me now cuz she can do it herself.

O's Grandma Jan showed up where you can find crystals down here.
Who knew?!! Its pretty sweet, she took us out there and...
There ya go! She was so excited, she got some crystals.

O's crystals!

Beckett showing off his huge crystal he got;
They sure had fun!
Beckett, London, Andrew,
Piper, and O

Feeding the Ducks!

She had so much fun feeding the Ducks with her cousins:
O, Erin, Lexi, Connor, and Mason

Sunday, March 23, 2014

 She's ready to go...
she loves her new razor!

Don't they look yummy!!!
Jordan, once again, asked me to make him some yummy treats.
 I've never made these before so I gave it a try. Oreo Balls! 
Try em, they are delicious!!

So I decided my Pantry needed some help! Can't believe I'm showing you.. hey it's all good. Guess you just get to see the food we eat. haha! Anyway, I got this idea off of Pinterest. It's just a shoe organizer, but boy did it sure help me out and make tons of room. I just love it. 

Me and O had a Mommy-Daughter date! It was so much fun. We definitely are going to do it more often. I just love spending time with my cute girl.
We started out at McD's for dinner. O's favorite place...
She sure loves them Chicken Nuggets!

We then went to Yogurtland and got Ice Cream. 
I/We sure love our Mommy-Daughter dates.