Thursday, April 26, 2012

There is a Carousel ride in St. George next to the Splash Pad, and Olivia was so excited and kept asking me to go ride the horses so I took her over there and asked what she wanted to ride. She started freaking out and said she didn't want to get on the horse. I told her I would stand right by her and hold onto her, but she still wasn't having it.  Notice the frightened face in the picture. So, we settled for  the seat. What a little stinker. Oh well, she still had fun.

See, much happier on the seat!


Jan Cooper said...

So funny! I love you all tons!!!

Stacie said...

That exact same thing happened with Addy! I think I'll just save up my dollars we would use for the carousel and use it on something much more enjoyable for us all....A sugar cookie!