Thursday, April 26, 2012

 So I got this idea off of Pinterest. I would totally recommend it. 
As you can see it says I Love You Because..... and everyday you can write something different on why you love that person. I started it about 2 weeks ago. I had it sitting on the kitchen counter when Jordan got home from work. He thought it was the coolest thing, I do love my wonder husband with all my heart. He is an amazing Dad and husband. We appreciate everything he does. He works so hard for us. THANKS BABE!!

 My mom came down over the weekend and we went and got Pedicures, and while we were sitting there Olivia saw some nail art that had Mickey Mouse a.k.a her fav character at the moment on it. She kept asking if they could put Mickey on her toes. I told her I would do it for her when we got home. So all day long all she could talk about was having Mickey on her toes, she would tell everybody that walked by, was pretty cute. So, here are her Mickey Mouse toes, she LOVES them. 

Olivia and Daddy, just hangin' out!
 My 2 cutie pies!!


Jan Cooper said...

I love that she is a girlie girl. So much fun!!! I love you all tons!!!

Jan Cooper said...

I didn't realize you could change the reason you love someone. I love it!!!