Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jordan doubted me on getting up this morning to take Miss O on the Easter Egg Hunt. Didn't start till 10, but me getting up and getting her and I both ready can be a challenge some days. Not today, I was so pumped and ready to go. We even got there a half hour early. Hey, we needed to be the first in line. We don't mess around! I was probably more excited than Olivia was. Hate to admit, true fact, I was so excited for her to get a pink plastic egg because it contained a surprise in it, that I totally knocked her over trying to help her run to it. So sorry Olivia. Mommy was just trying to help. Hey, she got the egg. And her fabulous prize, wait for it......................... a dollar. Ya that's right a dollar. I beat up my child for that. Anyway, she still had fun. She got her egg and a basket full of candy, her favorite. How could she complain. So here are some pictures I got. Hope they are okay. I was trying to help and take pictures as well.

 She was ready to go!

 Olivia and Lexi
waiting for the Egg Hunt to start! 

 Olivia sad because Mommy knocked her over.... oops!!

 Happy and showing me the candy she got!

I had a fun day with Olivia, she is such a joy!
Hope she always remembers these days!

All the grand kids:
Audrey, Connor, Erin, 
Mason, Olivia, & Lexi

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Jan Cooper said...

Glad you posted, looks like you all had great fun! (Except the beating up Olivia part). Love you all tons!