Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can I just tell you how smart our little Miss O is?! Being a 1st time Mom you never know these things and at what age your child should be doing things. I think its pretty good. You ask her to point out where certain things are on her and she knows and does it so quick. Such as her nose, bellybutton, eyes, mouth, ears, etc. She even knows where her pretty hair is. 
Yesterday I asked her to go get her pants in her drawer in her room so we could go outside and she went and got them. WOW!! Today I asked her to go get me a diaper so we could change her and she went and got it. So to me, that's pretty impressive. I love being a Mom. Watching her grow up and do the things she does just makes me so happy. We love her so much.

 My, how she has changed!

Fun sweet girl who we just adore!!

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