Sunday, March 2, 2014

We got the opportunity to go to a friends wedding, Trevor and Whitney. Now this wedding was fun to go to, why?! They got married out in the desert, but the best part was we didn't have to get all dressed in super nice clothes, we could wear Camo. Right up Jordan's ally. Trevor still wore camo with his lovely bride wore her white wedding gown + boots, was cute. We had lots of fun. 

 Was nice they had a see saw and swings in the back so all the kids had something to do!

 After the wedding we stopped at a place for us to take some pictures in our camo. 
Was such a beautiful day!

 O once again took a great picture of Jordan and I

How cute is little Miss O in her Camo?!

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Jan Cooper said...

I love that last picture of O. Glad it was a beautiful day for the wedding.