Sunday, March 23, 2014

 She's ready to go...
she loves her new razor!

Don't they look yummy!!!
Jordan, once again, asked me to make him some yummy treats.
 I've never made these before so I gave it a try. Oreo Balls! 
Try em, they are delicious!!

So I decided my Pantry needed some help! Can't believe I'm showing you.. hey it's all good. Guess you just get to see the food we eat. haha! Anyway, I got this idea off of Pinterest. It's just a shoe organizer, but boy did it sure help me out and make tons of room. I just love it. 

Me and O had a Mommy-Daughter date! It was so much fun. We definitely are going to do it more often. I just love spending time with my cute girl.
We started out at McD's for dinner. O's favorite place...
She sure loves them Chicken Nuggets!

We then went to Yogurtland and got Ice Cream. 
I/We sure love our Mommy-Daughter dates.

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