Sunday, October 6, 2013

 O is SUPER excited for "Pumpkin Time" as she calls it. She can't wait to carve one. We go over to her Grandma Jan's and have a carving contest. Its fun!

Think she is excited for the Pom Poms I got her?! LOL
I told her I had a surprise for her and I bet she'd love it, 
and sure enough she does.
We watch the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on t.v. and she just loves dancing along with them. Her only bad thing was she didn't have pom poms to use. She was using her jammies, ha ha! Now she has em and she is ready to cheer............

She just loves going to the Splash Pad and getting soaking wet!
We went to the Splash Pad up by my parents house, 
its a park and a splash pad. 
She started off at the park, then decided she was hot and went over to the water. Ya she decided to get in with her clothes on, that always seems to happen. No swimsuit, who cares!! Didn't have a change of clothes but that's okay, she had fun!


Scottie and Tasha said...

Looks like she could cheer for the UTES with those pom poms :)

We "decorate" our pumpkins because I cant handle cleaning them out ha ha ha. My poor kids! I love that Olivia calls it Pumpkin Time! So cute!

Jan Cooper said...

I love "Pumkin time" too!

Love you all tons.