Saturday, October 5, 2013

30 isn't so bad!
I sure had a great birthday! Thank you to all who sent birthday wishes, who spent the day with me, and who gave me gifts. It was much appreciated. I loved it all.

Started off with my sweet husband washing my car for me,

doesn't she look clean. Glad he did it because I wasn't wanting to. lol

O and Daddy then gave me my birthday gifts:

 A new camping chair, purse, mats for my car, and can't forget the best gift, in which the cute Miss O is holding, red sparkly nail polish. She was SO excited to give her Mommy nail polish. Picked it out herself. 

Later that evening we went to dinner with family, it was a lot of fun!

Me enjoying my birthday ice cream!

1 comment:

Jan Cooper said...

You look marvelous! Thirty schmirty. (Oh to be that young again).

Love you all tons.