Friday, June 7, 2013

I bet you're wondering, what the heck right?!

 A. a bunch of pillows?
B. a tent?
          C. a little girls hiding place?

Well, if you guessed all 3 you were right!
Olivia grabbed some pillows, told us it was her tent and she was hiding from us. You just never know what this little one is going to do.

 Her as she popped out from the pillows!

 I decided to straighten Olivia's hair. Its getting so long. She just looks so big!

Yahoo, we finally got out the pool! O was super excited.

  Havin' fun!

Relaxin' in the pool!

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Valerie and Garrett said...

We also filled up our pool just today! Playing in the water is the only way we can tolerate being outside! :) Olivia looks like she couldn't be happier in that little pool! haha! She is too cute! I love how you straightened her's so long and you're right - she looks so grown up!! Crazy!

P.S. Ya wanna go V.T sometime! haha! Maybe we should this month...what do ya think? :)