Sunday, September 23, 2012

 I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is so much fun. 
Think she is ready for Halloween?! Went and got her costume from Costco and as soon as we got home she had to put it on. She is so excited to be Minnie Mouse this year. And I think after Disneyland she will be even more excited. She is going to meet Mickey and Minnie this year, she keeps telling me she is going to give them hugs. I hope so. 

 She says she is a "Minnie Princess" 

 She stared at herself in the mirror for like 10 minutes! 

 She has quite the imagination!
Got her diaper box, set it up on the couch, got a few things to go in it with her, and called a friend on the phone to tell her what she was doing.


Jan Cooper said...

She is so cute, I hope she will hug Mickey and Minnie too! She is a smart little girl and has such a cute personality, I just love her! I love you all tons!

kira lee said...

she is so cute!