Monday, August 13, 2012

I tell ya, she is crazy! She told me she wanted to watch t.v. upside down. Told her to go right ahead, I just laughed.

 What a goof ball!

 Olivia wanted to do my hair, heck I wasn't going to say no. She got the comb and everything and styled it for me, so cute right?! 

Ya think we have fun around here? Haha  She thinks it's the funniest thing to put stickers all over our face and look in the mirror. I had them all over my face as well, but we aren't going to show you that. She sure keeps me entertained. I love it!

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Jan Cooper said...

She is very creative and fun! Can't wait to be there and be apart of it. She can do my hair anytime! I love you all tons!!!