Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting back to our play dates has been great for O, and me, ha ha! She just loves playing with Stacie and Addy. We went to the Splash Pad today. It was so wonderful, the weather was great. Just love how Addy and O play together, they are so cute. So here are some pictures of our fun day!

 So nice of her to help Addy off the rock!

 She was excited because she walked under the frog and didn't get wet. 
Cheered for herself. 

Stacie and Addy! 

Thanks, we had a fun day!


Jan Cooper said...

Looks like great fun! Glad O has a play date!

Brad & Beth said...

CRAZY how fast the time goes!! O is getting so big!! She is stinking cute!! :D miss you guys!!