Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fun day with Mom and Aunt Shay!

Shay texted me this morning and asked if we should take O swimming. I just had to giggle. Why?! Well if you've been reading my blog you have seen that O doesn't, how can I say this, really like to get into the water. Not too sure why. Anyway, I texted back and said ya, if she'll get in, lol. Shay's comment: well, we'll just have to throw her in. 
Started off the afternoon with lunch at our favorite place ever, Cafe Rio. Then we hit up the swimming pool at the Rec. Center. Let me tell ya how in shock I was that O actually swam, for 2 hours. Made me so happy. The little one didn't want to leave. Thanks Shay we had fun!

 Havin' fun in the sun!

Aunt Shay & O! She had fun!


Scottie and Tasha said...

We would die in Arizona if it weren't for the pools we have in our community!! Get her loving the water and then come visit :)

Jan Cooper said...

So glad you played and that O loved the water. I love you all tons.