Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th Of July!!

 Was a pretty fun day. We started off with the parade in St. George at 8 a.m., that's right 8. Having it be at 8 wasn't bad but having to get up and get ready was the hard thing. Understandable to do it early so we all don't die of heat. Was pretty warm that day. I just had to buy Olivia a cute 4th of July outfit, she loved it.

 Olivia waiting for the parade to start!

 They had camels in the parade, that's right I said camels. Tuacahn is doing the play Aladdin and they brought the camels to show. Olivia thought they were pretty cool. 

 Olivia running back from getting candy to show Daddy! Of course I had to help most of the time, she just wanted to eat it when she got it. Told her to put it in her bag and she could have it later. 

They had some fun activities for the kids. Olivia wanted to ride the train with Daddy. I was totally okay with that. I told her I would take pictures of them on it.
She had so much fun riding the train!

  This was pretty cool. Olivia could've watched this all day. They filled up these pools, got inflatable balls and you could get inside of them and try and move around in the water. Was funny watching people try and move around in them.

 We ended off the night with fireworks. Olivia LOVES fireworks. We went early of course to find a place to sit and every 5 seconds she kept asking when the fireworks were going to start, she just couldn't wait.When they finally started she just started screaming. Glad she had such a fun day.


Monica said...

So cute!! Looks like a fun day!! :)

Jan Cooper said...

I have never seen human water balls before, that looks like a blast. I also have never seen Camels in a parade. Too funny!!! Looks like a fun day, thanks for posting. I love you all tons!!!

kira lee said...

what a cute little family!

Justin and Tisha said...

She is a doll!!!.. Hey I'm trying to get everything done for the reunion, and you're not on face book.. Can you go to this address and fill out the information?

It is scheduled for August 4th!