Sunday, June 3, 2012

Well, ya sick of me putting pictures of O on here all the time? I kind of figure that really who you want to see and hear about is her. They just grow up so fast and you've got to capture it all right? Hey, every now and then I get some pictures or information on Jordan and I. When I get the camera out to take pictures I tend to forget to take a few of us all. Something I will work on. 

Should we say summer is here?! The last few days have been extremely HOT! Over 100 degrees. Now I am okay with the warm weather, but when you can't even go outside without dripping sweat, then you know its too dang hot. But I'd rather be in the heat than the cold. We stay in the air conditioned house or play in the water or pool. Let's just see what July and August bring!  UGH........

Shopping with Olivia is very interesting as you can see. Every time we go to Wal-mart she has to go check out the fish. This day was a little different. She decided she wanted to take a couple friends with her. She walked down the baby/kid isle, picked up a Tinker bell backpack, put it on, then grabbed Mickey and Minnie.  

She just had to show Mickey and Minnie the fish and tell them all about em. She is too funny! 

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Jan Cooper said...

That is so sweet, I love it!!!