Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I feel like I never do my blog anymore. Sad, because that is all I use to do. Now that Olivia is at that age where all she wants to do is play, play, play, I have no time. So I sit here at 11:00 at night, while the munchkin and hubby are asleep. Trying to catch you up on whats been going on. 
Like I said Olivia just wants to play, which isn't a bad thing but I feel like I don't get anything I want done. But it's okay I love playing with her and seeing her so happy. I am busy with hair appointments so that is good. The amazing hubby is on day shift at his work for a month and its got its pros and cons. Pros- he is home at night with us, get to see him more hours in the day. Cons- has to get up SUPER early, and when I say early I mean early, 4 a.m., Goes to bed early., and this can be a pro or a con, cooking a meal every night!!!! ha ha 
No I don't mind cooking, I like to do it. 

For Father's Day I got Olivia's pictures done and they turned out super cute. Even though she wanted to play with the toys and not get her pictures taken. Here are a couple pictures!!

Growing up too fast!!

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