Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!! Been a bit since I have posted anything. We went up north for Memorial Day weekend to see Jordan's family. Had a lot of fun but BRRRRR... was it cold. Even woke up to snow on morning. Let's just say I'm happy to be back in the warm weather. Olivia was sad because she couldn't go outside and play. Once we got home she was running around laughing and screaming. I think she was happy to be home. 
Driving that long with a 18 month old isn't the funnest either. We were hoping she would sleep the whole time, OH NO, not Olivia. The way home was a lot better than the ride up. And being such a nice Mom, I rode in the back to entertain her. Plus it helped that we got her a SWEET YUMMY Slurpee on the ride home. So here are a few pics. from that wonderful trip.

 Her first Slurpee!

 Good to the last drop!!!!
(Notice she has 2 different Slurpee cups, drank mine & Jordan's)

Had to entertain her somehow!!

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