Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alright, here it goes! 
Here are Olivia's first pair of shoes.I think they are cute. We tried on 3 pairs and these were the only ones she could somewhat stand being on her feet. We figured since she is walking now she needs a pair. But let me tell you how bad she hate to wear socks, so I was really hesitant to get her some shoes. But she can't wear socks out everywhere we go.

Let me warn you, these pictures are sad, but I have to show you how bad she HATES shoes. I have never seen somebody get so mad at having shoes on her feet. So I ask you to please cross your fingers and hope she will eventually like them. Thank you!!

What did I tell ya?! Not a happy girl at all. Now have you seen somebody get so mad? I had her get up and walk toward me...and this is how it went as well.

Sad day for Olivia!!

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