Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

We sure had a fun Valentine's Day, especially little Miss O. She was so funny, she woke up and asked if she and Daddy could open up their Valentine's presents because she just couldn't wait any longer. Said its like Christmas right?! We get to open up presents..

Wishing everybody a Happy Valentine's Day!

 What she got from Jordan and I for Valentine's Day,
She was so excited!

 Do you wonder who took this picture?!
It was Olivia, that's right, Olivia. 
Can you believe it? I told her we needed a picture of me and Daddy with the flowers he got me and she said she could take it. We laughed.....but as you can see she did a pretty good job!

We went out to eat at the Mongolian BBQ, one of our favs.! O likes this place because she gets to use chopsticks.  

Yum Yum!! 
I had to get a picture of her using them, its pretty cute!


Teria B said...

Olivia is so cute! I love the picture she took of you and Jordan! Especially because it's down at her level. Adorable!

Jan Cooper said...

She may have a new career! Thanks for the flowers you brought us, it sure was sweet. We love you all tons.