Monday, December 9, 2013

Disneyland Fun!!

Yes it's time again.... We love it when it's Disneyland time! We just decided to go a little later than we usually do. We still had a blast! Lots of pictures so be prepared, and hope you're ready!

We started off at Sea World....
 Went and saw Shamu

Saw some Penguins

Next was LegoLand....

 She got to drive in her own Lego Car, 
she thought it was so much fun.
She even go her "own" Drivers License
when she was done.

 Driving Miss Crazy!!!

 She thought this was so much fun too.
She got to slide down the snow in a tube.
Cuz you know St. George, not much snow there. 

 Sack race with Uncle Jake and Lexi

Oh no, the Lion ate her!!

 Erin and Olivia with the "Lego Man"

Uncle Dave won her a Minion,
it's as big as she is!

Finally was Disneyland....
and what a blast
 Her all time favorite ride, 

 Yummy Mickey Pretzel!

 Also loves the Carousel 

 O and Daddy,
waitin to go on a ride!

 Olivia and Princess Sophia!

Making Cookies


 She just loves Minnie!
She saw her quite a bit this trip and she
was so happy!

She got to get a Princess makeover when we were there. 
She was excited! This is a picture of her before..
 getting her makeover

 Getting her make up done!

This is how she looked when they got done!
Isn't she so cute?!
Got a Minnie Mouse bow!
 Was pretty neat how they could turn her hair into a bow, and putting
the pink in it made it look even cooler. 

 Lexi, Olivia, and Jesse

This is the picture of them before....
All her cousins got to get makeovers as well.

All getting their makeovers,

and after.............. 
Audrey, Erin, Lexi, and O
They all had so much fun!! 
They all look so cute!

 O and Chief Pluto!
We got to eat at Goofy's Kitchen,
way fun and good food!

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