Thursday, May 16, 2013

YAHOO, its Summertime, that means Splash Pad!!!! O went on her play date and we decided it would be fun to go to the Splash Pad in St. George because the weather is so wonderful. O and her friend Addy had a blast. Stacie and I wondered if they would get in the water and play, and sure enough they did. They had so much fun. Made me happy. So here are some pictures of our fun day!!

Addy and Olivia!

How cute is that?!

They were having so much fun!

Stacie, Rylnn, Addy, and Olivia

Olivia and Addy found a little boy to play with, and totally ganged up on him. HAHA! They thought it was funny to squirt him, and as you can see by his face he thought it was funny too. We just laughed!

I was glad she has so much fun today. So we will be hitting up the Splash Pad more!


Stacie said...

We had so much fun! Can't wait for our next play date!

Jan Cooper said...

I loved the one of them holding hands and their backside. ADORABLE! I am glad they have each other and they had so much fun. You two are such good mommies and giving them some fun time!
I love you all tons!!!