Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oh boy..... it sure has been a crazy, hectic, sucky, month!!! From O getting sick to me getting sick! O was super sick for a week then I of course being around her all day everyday knew I would eventually get it. Sure enough I did. So, I have been cooped up in the house for like 3 weeks, so not fun. And of course Jordan was oh so lucky not to get it. Now it being 80 degrees for the weekend we gotta get out there and play! 

You'd think I would've had time to do my blog while I was here in the house all day, but no, too dang sick!! Haven't been doing too much, but here are some random pictures....

 She just loves painting!

Showing me what she painted for me!
Our new truck, I love it, its pretty sweet!
And you can totally tell Jordan "got" to the truck!
Yes, those are tampons, haha! She thought it would be fun to play with them and put them nicely in the basket. Crazy girl!!

 We were out shopping one day and O's Aunt saw this sign and they just had to get a picture by it, it was pretty funny!

How cool is that sign!!!!! My mother-in-law went to Hawaii, ya I know super jealous! Saw this sign when she was there, told her to totally take it for me, lol. Thought it was pretty sweet.

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Jan Cooper said...

So glad you are all feeling better. No go out and enjoy this beautiful weather.

I love you all tons!!!