Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Life is just so crazy! I hate that I haven't posted much in awhile. So sorry! Holiday's are nuts, busy busy! Its been fun getting ready for Christmas. O is so excited. She has been such a big help too. She helped me put the decorations on the tree, and the decorations on the outside of the house. She has even helped me wrap presents and put them under the tree. Just feel bad now because she wants to open them. If you ask her what presents are hers she will let you know. She even told me she was "peeking" at one present. That little stinker!! 

So here are some random pictures Ive taken.

Look at the pretty tree she decorated!
Is that snow you ask?! Why yes it is, we woke up to some snow. 
O was pretty excited to go out and see it. 

 We got kicked out of our bed by a 3 year old and her friends!
O decided she wanted to have a sleepover,
she makes me laugh!

Excited to get her own potty, and to make it better it was Elmo!!


Jan Cooper said...

She is so fun and cute and is growing up way to fast dang it! I love you all tons!

Scottie and Tasha said...

You had more snow than we did :) Olivia is such a cutie!