Tuesday, November 6, 2012

They just grow up too dang fast!! Today we turned O's crib into a bed. And yes I cried. I know, pretty lame huh?! It's sad to see my little girl grow up but it's great as well. She was SO excited to get a "big girl" bed. She just wanted to jump and play on it. I took a few pics of her with her bed so you could see her facial expressions and how she reacted when we changed it. 

 Playing on her mattress while we were doing her bed!

 "Testing" it out!!

 Was so excited she started jumping up and down!


Leamaster Family said...

She is so cute! We are not coming home for the holiday's this year. My mom is having surgery on her back in Colorado, so she won't be home when we would be there. I am going to come with the kids sometime in the spring befor Reid turns 2 in April.

Jan Cooper said...

She has just grown up so fast! I can't believe how the time has flown by. I love how excited she is for each new faze of her life. She is such a joy to be around.