Friday, October 12, 2012


The Family!

 We had a blast! 

We had breakfast with some of the Disney characters. As you can see Olivia took it all in. It was so much fun. 

 Minnie, me, and Olivia!

You think she likes Minnie?!

 Olivia and Tigger!

Got pictures with both Chip and Dale!

 Waiting in line for Nemo. This ride was really cool, you got to go underneath the water in a submarine. Throughout the ride you got to see Nemo swimming along with you.  

 Just had to get a picture of us on the ride. I think Jordan's face is so much better than mine. haha!

 Think Jordan got soaked?! 
It was so hot so we decided to go ride Splash Mountain. Jordan was so lucky to get seated in the front seat. This is how he looked after getting off that ride. Was pretty funny!

 Her "FAVORITE" ride was Dumbo. Everyday, or should I say every couple of seconds she was asking to ride it. So if you ask her what ride she liked the most, she will totally tell you Dumbo.

 She was excited to meet Tinker Bell!

 Her 2nd favorite ride was the Horses. She loved taking Daddy on that ride. 

Buzz Lightyear ride.
She loved wearing the glasses, I actually think that was the part she liked best.

 We went to Minnie's house and got to meet her. She was SOOO excited to see her. That's all she wanted to do. It totally made her day. She actually ended up seeing her like 4 times. And she gave her a big hug every time.

 Olivia and Pluto!

 You can't go to Disneyland without meeting Mickey and Minnie. They told us that they would be coming and you could get pictures with them, so of course we waited for them. It was so fun just to see how excited Olivia was to see them. I know it just made the whole trip. 

We were just go-go-go! I was actually in shock that this little one fell asleep. Guess she was pretty wore out.


Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

what a fun time.

granted we all decided it was well past time for ya'll to come home.

Leamaster Family said...

How fun! I wish we could take Brielle, she would love it. Glad you had a good time.