Monday, March 5, 2012

 Jordan ventured out on his "fun" day of looking for deer and picking up horns, and brought back a pile. O got excited when he came in the door. She yelled "deer" that's what she calls the sheds he finds. She was excited and just had to show them to me,
the shed is as big as she is!

Think she wants to be like her mommy?! 
She loves watching me do my hair and makeup. She always says "mommy lets do makeup and my hair". Its pretty cute. I'm just happy she is letting me do it. Her hair that is, no makeup for this little spit fire yet. And when I tell her just a minute we will do yours, she says ugh fine. Very impatient! So she takes matters into her own hands, as you can see. Got in the drawer, grabbed the curling iron, plugged it in, and started doing her hair. 
(don't worry its not turned on, it's broken) 
Kids do the darnedest things!

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Jan Cooper said... she needs curls. That is so cute. Man...I miss her.