Thursday, February 23, 2012


 Shaky legs, sweaty palms, dry mouth.....interviews! I think they have got to be one of the most frightening things ever. It has been like 3 years since I've had one. And I've had 2 this week. Ya that's right, 2 dang job interviews. Whats up with the questions like: "how can you help our company?" Why you want to work for our company?" Um.... because! That's whats going through my mind at the moment. Don't ask me those questions just give me a job. Guess it's time to help out a little more. I am still doing hair but want to do a little more-make a little more actually. I think now that O is getting older it will be okay. I need to get out more so I don't go insane. LOL

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Jan Cooper said...

Interviews are tough no doubt! It's not always bad to step out of your comfort zone. Brag about yourself, that's when it's a great time to talk yourself up. I hope you get a job soon, so nice that Jordan will be with O while you are working. It will be good for him. O will miss you though. Love you, good luck!