Monday, January 30, 2012

Time sure flies by. Seems like yesterday that this little one was just a baby. Just can't believe how big she is getting. So is her Afro; her hair. I haven't cut it for awhile so its totally out of control. I've decided I've got to put it in pigtails or something. So here is a picture of how I fixed it and then when I took it out.... and yes it is all the same day,

 in her pajamas in the morning, 

 in her dress, ready for church, 

when we got home and got changed,
Gotta love it!!


Jan Cooper said...

Crazy hair that last picture is so funny. I think you have to just let it grow. You style it cute when you scruch it. You could maybe flat iron the top? She is cute not matter what! Love you.

Stacie said...

I love her hair! The pig tails are so cute!