Monday, November 21, 2011

Was out of control!!!

Alright, I'm sorry but it had to be done!! As you saw the title of this post, "Was out of control"! Yes, I am talking about Miss O's hair. You've seen it other posts, it is crazy. (I threw in the pic above to show you her hair, and that's on a good day).  I just had to cut it, yes, I said cut it. Days and days of doing it, okay attempting to do it, just hasn't been working out for me. It's an AFRO!!!! I love it so much, but when it gets to the point where it wont do anything, something has to be done. Hey it will grow back, I know I am a hairstylist. So here are some pics of her getting a haircut. I even put on a cape for the whole effect. 

 Even though she doesn't look happy,

She did good!

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