Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Well, let me tell ya a few things! I am addicted to a new show on t.v. It's on TLC Sunday nights, its called Long Island Medium. Ever heard of it? All I can say really is WOW!!! I encourage all to watch, just check it out. Its pretty crazy, or shall I say interesting. Really makes ya think!! Let me know what you think.

Our little Miss O is always up to something right? Like you've seen in past posts. Well, this time tops the others I believe. We were hanging out at Grandmas house, wait.... forgot to tell you that her new thing is to shut and open doors in the house. Especially LOCK the doors. Yikes I know. Gets on her tippy toes and can reach. So, we're hanging out at Grandmas and she decides to go into the bathroom and yes, lock herself in. Grandma doesn't have keys to unlock the doors either. Mom and Grandma are of course in a panic, wondering how in the heck we are going to get her out, meanwhile, O is screaming and pounding on the door trying to get out. So I'm trying to tell Olivia to unlock the door, ya right I know. But thought hey, if she can lock it, she can unlock it.!! ha ha! Grab a knife, to big for the key hole. Grandma had a little key on her key chain, and luckily it worked. We got the little stinker out.Thanks Grandma! And of course she came out laughing. I tell ya, she keeps me on my toes. 

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Jan Cooper said...

Oh my gosh...she is so funny.