Friday, December 31, 2010

 What's new?! Well, Olivia finally got her first tooth! Was a rough time coming. Hate to see her in pain. Good thing they made Baby Ora-gel, Cherry flavored! She would try and lick it off our finger before we could get it to her tooth. Its all good now. Broke through the gums and she looks super cute with her one little tooth. She is also getting a lot better with walking. She is SOOOO close. She did take two steps, toward me, and of course like a sappy mom I cried.  She didn't realize what she had done, but we clapped for her anyway. And before she wouldn't even want to try walking, but she will come get you, make you take her fingers and walk with her. She is on her way!! WATCH OUT!! She is getting so big. She is lots of fun.

No I don't torture my child! ha ha! I put her on the bathroom counter to get her ready and she sometimes likes to get into the sink. What a perfect fit! She just thought it was so funny, what a goof ball!!

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