Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alright, are you ready?! This is a great story!!
I went to Vernal this past weekend for a Volleyball
tournment. It was so much fun. Eventhough I am
TOTALLY out of shape. I havent played in a year
and after having a baby it really got me. I am
SORE!! I went down with my sister Monica, my 2
cousins, Krissy and Amy, and 2 other girls, Jess and
Natalie. On our way there my cousins car broke
down. Luckily we were behind her. We had to cram
7 people in my sisters car plus a baby. Boy was it interesting.
We definately had a bonding moment. Props
to my brother-in-law. Thanks Jake!
We made it to the tournment safely. And I can say:
We won our division. It was pretty awesome.
I want to thank my sweet awesome husband and my
wonderful mom and dad. I was able to leave my little
munchkin with them so mom could go play and have
fun!! You guys are the best. THANK YOU!!

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J Fo said...

Nikki! You have a new blog-stalker now. I was so glad to get to go and to meet up with you again. And it's always nice to win!