Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WOW!!! Now Im super huge!
11 days- can't believe it!!


Brad & Beth said...

HAHAHA Jordan looks stoked!!! LOL!!!! You are such a tiney person its so weird to see your basketball bumb!!! BUT SO CUTE!!! I better get a text as soon as you bring her home!! :D

Clayton, Candice, Kesler and Kase said...

Hey you!!! It's amazing who you can find on here now. How's things going for you? You look as gorgeous as always!!! Keep in touch. Candice

Tammy K said...

Nikki! It's Tammy - How the heck are you ... besides prego :) Actually maybe you already had this baby!!! Can't wait to see pictures of her. How exciting is that. I love the blogging world :)