Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Yearly Camping Trip!! It was a little rough this year bein
7 months pregnant and all but I was a trooper. And heck ya I even
slept in a tent on an air mattress.

Jordan grillin up some burgers for us!!

Im just relaxin on my chair, waitin for
Jordan to cook my dinner.

Master Griller!!!

You're probably thinking what the heck?!
Its an Elk Bugle.
Jordan's callin in some Elk!

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Brad & Beth said...

Nikk, girl, you are crazy!!! I would't go hunting and sleep on an air matress if I WERE NOT prego!!!!! LOL JK I could, but wow! YOu are amazing! I'm excited, its getting so close!!! I laughed when I saw your baby on the ticker thing had dark skin!!! LOL you crack me up! LOVE YOU! I am sure your baby will be naturally tan, but not african american!! LOL :D